Sell Ti(Titanium) (F-ST-1012)

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Titanium is a lustrous, white metal which has a low density, good strength, excellent corrosion resistance. The metal is the only element that burns in nitrogen. And it has a high strength-to-weight ratio and shock-absorbing property.

The essentials:
Chemical formula: Ti
Color: silvery metallic
Atomic number: 22
Atomic weight: 47.876(1)
CAS registry number: 7440-32-6

Our titanium products are available in a wide range of forms including powder, wire, foil, sheet, rod, strip, plate, tube, alloys and etc.
1) Titanium powder
2) Titanium wire
3) Titanium foil
4) Titanium sheet
5) Titanium rod
6) Titanium strip
7) Titanium plate
8) Titanium tube
9) Titanium standard parts

We also supply customer-made titanium products upon your request.