Sell Tiamulin  Hydrogen Fumarate

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Chemical formula: C32H51NO8S
Molecular weight: 609.80
Description: white to yellowish crystal powder
Tiamulin is extremely active against gram-positive organisms such as streptococci, staphylococci and against mycoplasmas and serpulina (treponema) hyodysenteriae. Tiamulin fumarate is
particularly active against serpulina hyodysenteriae, leptospira spp. , mycoplasma spp. , as well as many gram positive and some gram negative bacteria.

Tiamulin is a prokaryotic ribosome inhibitor that acts by blocking the initiation of a polypeptide chain formation, thus preventing the synthesis of key enzymes and other proteins. The half-life in serum is several hours and virtually disappears within 24 hours.

High concentrations of Tiamulin are found in the lung (target organ) , liver and kidne(detoxifying organ) ; much lower concentrations are found in muscles and other tissue. With ad libitum feeding, Tiamulin concentrations maintain a relatively steady state. Following withdrawal of the medicine, Tiamulin rapidly depletes from all organs and tissue. There is no accumulation of Tiamulin in the blood or any other organs or tissue after following repeated or long-term administration of Tiamulin medicated feed.