Sell Tibetan Knives

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Tibetan Knives are traditional and well-known handicrafts with a peculiar style. Tibetan wears a waist knife which is used to cut meat, as protection and also an accessory. It also has high art value as a form of ethnic handcraft with a longstanding good reputation at home and abroad. Tibet knifes that design for the use of men are usually rugged. On the other hand, those designs for the use of women are elegant.

There are three kinds- long, short and small knives. The longest one is more than one meter; the short one about 40cm and the small one over 10cm. Made from delicately processed steel, Tibetan knife is bright and sharp. The handle is made with cow horn or wood wound with silver, copper or iron threads. The top of the handle is inlaid with copper or iron sheet, or silver decoration. The sheath is wrapped in copper or silver. Some are carved with flower or animal design, or even inlaid with jewels. Actually, they have become an arts and crafts item

Varieties available with us are Tibetan Spirit Knife, Gus Knives and Gyirab Knives, Tibetan Knives of Shigatze and The Lahze knife.