Sell Tibetan cymbals / Ting-sha

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Manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of genuine Indian & tibetan Handicrafts, specialized in singing bowls, bells dorje, gongs, ting- sha or tingsha, cymbals (bhushaws) and various metal crafts like metal wares & religious crafts (butter lamps, offering bowls) based in North India , the Himalayan Kingdom. We manufacture various handicrafts like hand hammered (beaten) singing bowls, hand casting singing bowls, hand crafted & carved singing bowls, tibetan singing bowl in a wide varieties with varied shape, designs and sizes of flat, ordinary type, round and deep, height, deep and higher, circular, gulpa shape, kopere type and more from colored bowls to hand paintings, carvings, itiching, engraving, outgraving, embossed, raised, inlays, outlays, antique finish, oxidised & many types in a traditional production process which requires skilled craftsmen of patience & hand laborious work. We manufacture other traditional and religious metal crafts like hand hammered gongs (nepali and tibetan) , bells (ghanti) or singing bell, dorje (bajra) , cymbals (ting- sha or tingsha or taa, bhushaws or bhusya, jhyamta) also used for meditation, religious, ritual & ceremonial activities in iNDIA, Tibet & widespread all over the world by the buddhist religion. Other products like metal butter lamps, metal wares and various fine metal crafts and tibetan aritfacts like wheel of life, asta mandala, bhairab face etc are manufactured by the finest Nepalese artisans with various designs, colors, hand paintings, patterns and craftings. About Singing Bowl, they are widely used since from the ancinet times in Nepal, India and Tibet mostly by the buddhist monks for meditation , religious ceremonial music, as praying bowls, as food bowls, as traditional musical instruments, now popular world wide using for meditation, sound therapy, sound massage, feng shui tools and as a tools for holistic healing from singing bowl sound. The rich harmonic soothing sound, tones and vibration they produces harmonized energetic sound and vibration & helps to be calm and ralaxing. Moreover, in this modern time, these singing bowls, bells, gongs, ting- sha are found in meditation halls, home use , medical cures, relaxation, used in feng shui, space clearing etc and these have been found using by doctors, sound therapists, sound massage experts, health practitioners, yoga practice as curing tools for activating higher brain function, calm the nervous system, clear and purify air, relaxation and soothing mind and balance our entire being.