Sell Tile

1. Size:30.5*30.5cm, 40*40cm, 30.5*61cm, 45.7*45.7cm, 30.5*91cm, thickness 8mm-15mm
2. Definition of surface finish:

1) Polished. Use rasin abrasive, surface over 90 degrees.9for some materials over 85 degrees)
2) Honed 60/120=rough honed 400, with possible abrasive marks
3) Honed 220= fine honed 500 without any marks on surface

Exterior (Sawn Products)
1) Sandblasted
2) Sawn, with possible diamond marks
3) Flamed
4) Brushed after Flamed
5) Bushhammer (B/H) , by machine on sawn surface min. Thickness 25 mm for size 30*60cm, 40*40cm

Exterior (hand-made products)
1) Fine Picked, B/H by hand on rough surface min. Thickness 40mm for size 30*60cm, 40*40cm
2) Pineapple, rough picked by hand on rough surface
3) Split, natural cleft by hand on rough surface
4) Mushroom, natural cleft with higher part in the middle of surface

3. Package
Styrofoam-Box; Polythene- Box
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
one container
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight Or T/T
Terms of Sale
FOB Xia Men