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The Tilt and Turn door beautifully accentuates any house. Both sides of this double door turn inward creating a charming entrance
One side of the door tilts in at the top allowing fresh air to ventilate in near the bottom. At the same time the houses stale air escapes through the larger opening at the top of the door. to keep air fresh.
Energy efficiency was a major factor in the design of the Tilt and Turn door. The multi-point locking system ensures that the gap between the sash and the frame is sealed tight, giving greater protection against air, water, and noise infiltration. Multi-chambers in the UPVC profiles act as insulators. Energy saving glass is also available to achieve maximum energy conservation.
Dress up a Tilt and Turn door with grids more graceful appearance
Efficient use of internal walls adds strength and creates multiple chambers for added thermal insulation. Because the tilt/turn door is made of UPVC and has fusion welded corners, it will never split, gap, or warpEuropean building has proven this design with more than ten years of continuous, extensive use by satisfied customers.
Steel reinforced frames and sash profiles accommodate structural loads of larger door frames
All frames and sash corners are cut at 45 degrees and fusion-welded, providing strength and protection against air and water infiltration
Package: hard paper + foam +packing belt
Can OEM / Offer design
Certified quality by national and international institution
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