Sell Tilting Bucket

Tilting Bucket
Tilting Bucket
It can change the angle of the bucket without changing the position of the excavator to operate, thus reduce the wear loss and oil cost and improves the work efficiency.
1. Use material of high hardness; Suitable for different machines of 4-30 ton.

2. Tilt angle can be 0-45. Convenient and quick for operation.

Technical Parameter for Tilting Bucket
Model Gross weight Work stress Hydraulic Flux Bucket Capacity
EX60 450 30-210 10-20 0.4
EX120 750 30-210 10-20 0.6
EX200 950 30-210 10-20 0.8
EX300 1200 30-210 10-20 1.4
Applications: Slope-surface trimming, water ways dredging, water ditching, etc.