Sell Time Attendance and Access Controller (KPE2003K/KB)

Time Attendance and Access Controller (KPE2003K/KB) You May Also Be Interested In: access controller total control
Attendance management software integrates personnel, attendance,
salary, rewards and punishment, dormitory, dinner charge, and access control management, ID recognize, etc.

It is very economic , reliable and inexpensive,
Highly secure way to keep access to areas or buildigs under control.

*Widely used in:
1. Attendance, access control, ;
2. Office building, confidential office
3. Factory, workshop, warehouse,
4. Intellectual building/estate; Bank, security, fund and insurance company.
5. Road toll, vehicle channel, car park.

Access controller which You will have total control using our access control software over who is allowed access through any linked door at any time of any day with sensitive or dangerous areas protected from those without the appropriate security clearance.

KPE2003/K8 is a simple to use, highly secure way of tackling the problem of keeping access to areas or buildigs under control, as well as monitoring who is present

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