Sell Tire Monitoring System

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This valuable addition to your vehicle will help you drive safer it automatically monitors your vehicle tires, and will immediately alert you of abnormal tire pressure and/or temperature, providing a timely warning to you in order for you to take corrective action. In addition, its digital display makes tire pressure maintenance easy. You will no longer need to manually check the tires with a pressure gauge. Consequently, your tires can easily be kept in optimal operating condition. The resulting benefits are obvious: reduced uneven tire wear, reduced severe tire damages, reduced air loss related tire failures, increased tire life, improved fuel efficiency, improved vehicle braking and handling. Best of all, tpms will help you drive with enhanced vehicle safety and with less worry of flat tires and blowouts.
It fit tire valve-stem mounting Sensor-Transmitter, Receiver and status light for 4-wheel vehicles. It can reliably monitor up tire pressure and display the readings whenever the vehicle is running or idle, the status light on green shows all wheels are in abnormal pressure and/or temperature, otherwise, it will turn into red or flashing, and generate an audible warning signal.
1 Display Unit (TPM-DU) 1 Power Cord (TPM-PC)
2 Display Unit Support Clip (TPM-SC) 1 Data Cord (TPM-DC)
1 Display Unit Support Stand (TPM-SS) 3 2-Sided Adhesive Strip (TPM-AS)
1 Receiver Unit (TPM-RU) 1 Steel Pin (TPM-SP)
4 Sensor-Transmitter (TPM-V1)