Sell Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System BR>Tire Pressure Monitoring System abbreviates TPMS, which is mainly used to automatically monitor the tires of moving vehicle to ensure safely driving. Reportedly, the accidents caused by the tires; burst are for 80 percent on the speedway. Besides, the low pressure of tires would cause to use more fuel, and the high pressure of tires would cause to hurt the tires badly. There is most of challenge how to avoid the tires; burst to ensure safely driving. TPMS invented is a new era in auto industry to profit millions of users.
Chara and Function:
TPMS are superior for its advanced low electricity consumed, anti-jammings wireless transmitting and self-regulation personally, intellectually. There is a wireless device installed inside every tire of the car, which is using on real- time monitoring the pressure and temperature of the tire as well as sending the signals to the main unit. If there are something happening such as the higher /lower pressure , unexpected temperature from the tire and tires leakage , the main unit would alarm with sound and LCD display to warn users in order to doing something in case of accident.