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TPMS ( Tire Pressure Monitoring System) , the host system can be used at any place of the driving-room for two days after it is recharged in the smoke-device. The extensions are stuck on the wheel hub respectively. As soon as the automobile is started, the extension systems in the tires will be powered by sensors automatically. The extension systems will examine the pressure and temperature of the tires in real-time through the sensors. If any one of the tires pressure or temperature is out of the range of the rated value, the host system will receive the wireless messages from the extensions and make the corresponding sound, digital or figure display in order to caution the driver of the conditions on time, thus ensuring the safety of the driver, the passengers and the automobile. According to the statistical data provided by the American Automobile Engineering Association among the high-way traffic accidents, 85% are caused by tire blowout and collision, especially when the front tire blows, resulting in the dead of people inside the car especially the driver. A law was passed by the America National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that from November 2006 onwards all vehicle sold in America must be equipped with tire pressure monitoring system. Thus there is prospect of a very profitable market for TPMS.
TPMS can examine every tires pressure and temperature in real time through the sensors, and send these information by acoustic, optical, electric to alarm the drivers, just in case the happening of tragedies.
When the auto is started, the system will supervise the condition automatically, providing warning information of overhigh and too low of pressure, overhigh of temperature, and a deflated tire, etc.
Tire is the most important element of securing the autos function, you cant neglect it.
According to the statistics, traffic accidents caused by a flat tire accounted for 70% of the total. The death rate due to the flat tire has almost reached 100% when the speed is at 140km/h.
Thus the TPMS appears, and you can know the condition of the tire while you are driving.
The tire at a due pressure can not only enhance the safety and function of the car, but also use the fuel economically and prolong the life-span.
We have installed our system on Benz, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Lincoln and so on.
We have our own intellectual property. The patent no. is 200620087747.6.
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