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Name: Waste Tire Recycling Production Line
Type:ZFC-X(1000~10000) -ZY
Main uses:The purpose of the Waste tire at normal temperature processing production line is to use the waste tire recycling physical method, without any pollutants. The purpose of the split 30-200 mesh small particles is so that the waste tires are tured into renewable resources, "black gold. "

Major Specifications of Waste Tire Normal-Temperature Treating Production Line
Annual treating amount 1000 3000 5000 10000
Fineness (mesh) 30-200
Total power (kw) 185 215 344 635
Dust emission(mg/m3) <=30
Circulated water amount(m3/h)50 80 150 350
Power of air compressor (kw) 7.5
Workers 2-3 3-4 4-6 6-8
Equipment principle and character:
The set imposes a outside force on waste rubber, whose principle is based on solid dynamics and other physics phenomena, breaking the object into smaller-sized granules. It is powder-grinding engineering unit operation.
1. Simple technology --The equipment has a compact structure taking up little apace, high production ability.
2. Wide raw material choice -- Conventional equipments can only use steel wire tire or fiber tires for single-kind production, greatly limiting the development of raw materials. Ours can put all kinds of rubber products into production including waste shoe soles and waste rubber leftovers.
3. High automation and low energy consumption -- the whole operation can be conducted by only 4 workers, reducing cost effectively.
4. For the normal-temperature waste tire regeneration equipments developed by our company, there is no flavor, dust, waste gas, polluted water, or waste residue in the production process, entirely reaching the national environmental production standard.
5. It completely settles the issue of 100% separation of steel wire, fiber, rubber in waste tires.