Sell Tired and early-warning system in driving

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The TWS system adopts the universal bioelectricity impedance analytic method ( BIA ) in the international which is the most economical, reliable method of decoding bioelectricity information. Between the square inch, it can bring he special alloy sensor between the square inch, data collection , CPU(central processing unit) , annunciator, reminders, electric pulse and so on. It also can capture body biology information accurately, through the man-machine conversation contact surface which is audible, visual, sending the user timely and accurate prompt, reminding information.
TWSTWS-100" Big LCD Display
Tiredness & Spirit Index Monitoring
Man-Machine Dialogue
Voice Alert
Vibration/Electronic Impulse Warning
Time&Date display like a watch
TSI(Tiredness Spirit Index) report
The length of strap is adjustable
Rechargeable battery ( Lithium battery)
With Chargers in Car and in home
Easy to use
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