Sell Titanate SG-Ti 575

Titanate SG-Ti 575
It is similar to the product of TYZOR AA-75 produced by Du Pont company in America , AKT 855 from ABCR in German. With the CAS no 17927-72-9.
It is light red , clear liquid. It has a titanium content of 9.9%, refraction index 1.481, density(250) 1.02, viscosity(250) 11.0Mpa*S, solidification point -250.
It is mainly used in paint industry and printing ink industry etc. Its principal component acetylacetonate chelate is stable at normal temperature. During machining process, it can occur crosslinking reaction with reactive groups with the evaporation of solvent , so many improved performances can be obtained, such examples are heat resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, dry resistance ect. The bridging action by titanate between resin and substrate improves the adhesion power of printing ink and painting.