Sell Titanium Casting

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CDM also Specializing in the production of titanium and titanium alloys Casting products:
Technique: Lost-wax Investment casting, Lost-foam investment casting, which are capable of complicated shape and small features, high precision and good surface.
Equipment: wax injection machine, desiccant room, dewax machine, vacuum meltower, sinter kiln and Ultrasonic Inspection Machine etc.
SIZE : As Per clients drawing and requirement , From 5g to 30kg.
PROCESS: Wax Injecting, Slurrying , Dewaxing , Sintering, Casting and Furbishing.

CDM Titan and Material Manufactory was set up in 2000, formerly known as China CDM Titan. CDM Titan Company has engaged in the titanium material production and export sales for both domestic market and foreign countries since 1992. With many years of professional working experience and advance processing techniques by CDMs production team, together with professional sales force of exporting, CDM provides clients with superior quality products and the best sales Services!