Sell Titanium Dioxide & titanium pigment

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Product function:
This product is a kind of high-quality white pigment, it's molecular formula is TiO2, having the pure quality and it's degree is high, the chemistry kind is stable, a distributes the even and optical function good, apply color the dint high, cover up the dint strong, the oil of absorbing(water) deal is low, good etc. in dispersion advantage.

Quantity standard:
The product quantity matches the GB1706-93 standard
1. TiO2 content(%) 98.0
2. Color (compared with standard sample) almost
3. Achromaticity(standard sample) (%) 100
4. Volatile substance at 105 (%) 0.5
5. Water soluble substance (%) 0.4
6. PH, aqueous suspension 6.5--8.0
7. Oil absorbtion (g/100g) 25
8. Residue,0.045mm screen (%) 0.05
9. Resistivity of water extract 20

Use:Extensive apply in the coating, rubber, deckle, plastics, printing ink etc. It's popular in whole country more than 20 cities.