Sell Titanium Dioxide Anatase

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White powder, non-toxic, easy to disperse, with good chemical stability, tint reducing power and covering power.


Items Standard
1 TiO2 content, % 98.5min
2 Color (as compared with reference standard) Not lower than
3 Whiteness of dry powder 95.0min
4 Tint reducing power (as compared with reference standard) 102min
5 Volatile at 1050C, %(m/m) 0.4max
6 Volatile at 1050C after 24h stay at (2312) 0C/RH (5015) %, %(m/m) 0.5max
7 Water soluble substances, %(m/m) 0.5max
8 pH value of aqueous suspension 6.5-8.0
9 Oil absorption, g/100g 24max
10 Residue on sieve 455m, %(m/m) 0.06max
11 Resistance of aqueous extract, (Ohms)m 20min
12 Fe2O3, ppm 80max

Mainly applied in interior latex paint, plastics, lacquer, coatings, rubber, leather and printing ink.
Packing: 25kg woven bag
Storage: Store in cool and dry place.