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Titanium Dioxide nanopowder

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Information on ingredients

CAS# 13463-67-7 Formula: TiO2 Item No. VK-T02


Two types of crystal types: Anaste and rutile;

Anaste crystal: Effective photocatalystic and air cleaning.

Rutile crystal: Effective resistance to UV and anti-bacterials.

Both crystals: Easily dispersed in water based and solvent based systems.

Non Toxic

Uniform Particle Size


Appearance: White free flowing powder

Content of Titanium Dioxide : 90min or 95min

Crystal style: Rutile//anaste//mixture

Average particle diameter(nm) : 5nm(anaste) ,18nm(anaste) , 25nm(rutile) , 100-150nm(rutile)

Moisture%( 105degrees, 2hr dry) : 0.5 max

Weight loss(%, 700 degrees) : 1.0 max(excluding organic coated)

pH(water suspension) : 6-8

Specific Surface Area(m2/g) : 80 115

Surface property: hydrophobic// hydrophobic (note: also as customers request)

Surface treatment: Al2O3 // SiO2// ZrO2//organic coated(note: also as customers request)

Efficiency of resistance to UV : >98

Impurity(w%) : Na <0.0001

Cl <0.0005

SiO2 <0.005


Cosmetics and Sunscreen -provides highly efficient resistance to UV and reflection of visible and infrared light.

Plastics and functional fibres -improves resistance to aging, surface finish, weather resistance and brightness. Improves color and surface luster.

Coatings, Paint and Printing Inks-greatly improves aging resistance and scrub resistance. Improves self-cleaning properties.

Paper making-used in paper coating to improve printability and opacity.

Also used in metallurgy and aerospace industry.

Package 10kg/ cardboard drum lined with plastic film

Nano titanium dioxide liquid


Appearance White slurry White slurry White slurry Clear liquid White slurry

TiO2 wt% 50 50 20 30 20 40

Crystal type rutile rutile rutile anaste rutile anaste rutile

Average size 30-50 nm 30-50 nm 5-30 nm 15 nm 30 nm

PH 6-8 6-8 6-8 4-5 6-8

dispersant Water or ethanol

Surface proerty Hydrophilic Hydrophobic Hydrophilic Hydrophilic Hydrophilic Hydrophobic

Surface treatment SiO2, AL2O3 SiO2, AB coated coated coated

Package: 6 or 25kg per plastic drum