Sell Titanium Dioxide

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Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide ZR-940:
The universal pigment, particularly recommended for high quality paints used for internal and external coating, both water-thinnable and solvent-borne (industrial, architectural, decorative) , printing ink. This pigment can also be successfully utilized for plastics, rubber, paper and leather, etc.

Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide ZR-948:
Recommended for production of high quality paints and coatings, including self-drying paints, baking finish, high-solid paints and powder paints. It is widely used in the fields of construction, industry, decoration, etc.

Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide ZR-960:
Especially recommended for macromolecular system such as plastic, color master batch, power coatings, etc.

Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide ZR-110:
Recommended for industries such as coating, road marking paint, plastic, enamelware, rubber, porcelain, etc.
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