Sell Titanium Fastener

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A. Titanium Bolt, Screw, Nuts, stub bolts and thread rod of American standard, Metric standard and Imperial standard.
B. Bolts head style with Allen , button head Allen , button head torx, flat head Allen, Hexagon countersunk head, Hexagon socket cap screws, flat head Phillips, pan head Phillips etc.
C. Titanium bolts and machining parts for racing motorcycle and bicycle, such as post seat clamp , pedal spindles, chaining bolts etc. Can anodize color as blue, black, golden, purple, blue/green, red etc.

Metric size of fastener as follows:
Material: GR2 GR5 GR7 GR12 etc.
Standard: DIN912, DIN931, DIN933, DIN84, DIN85, DIN963, DIN7991, DIN6912, ISO7380etc.
a>. GR2 Mini screws and nuts: M1.0 / M1.4 / M1.6 / M2.0 (DIN84, DIN85) ; M2.5 / M3.0 (DIN 912, DIN933, DIN963) ;
b>. GR2, GR5 M4.0 to M24, Bigger M24 and especial screw.
c>. Thread rods:
GR2: M1.0 to M3.0 * 1000mm;
GR2 GR5: M4 TO M24 * 1000MM OR 2000mm;