Sell Tobacco Free Herbal Filter Cigarettes.

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HERBAL FILTER CIGARETTE : which is the nature's alternative to Tobacco product. Our Herbal Filter Cigarette contains only 100% natural herbal ingredients and this product is free from TOBACCO and NICOTINE. This is based on the Charak Samhita
(Ancient Classical Text on Ayurveda) and this is the outcome of over 30 years persistent research based on the principle of India's Ancient Science of Healing renowned as AYURVEDA.

Each stick contains the following herbal ingredients :
Basil, Clove, Liquorice, Turmeric, Gangal, Tendu leaves, Indian Cinnamon, Bishops weeds, Indian Badellium.
Brand Name : "NIRDOSH"

Nirdosh Herbal Filter Cigarette helps body's defense mechanism against diseases. It is real
rejuvenation and acts beneficially on all system specially on gastrointestinal & repertory system
on the gastrointestinal tract, where it relieves belching, bloating & constipation. It protects
from cancer and tonsil problems and also cures some lungs diseases as it does not contain
tobacco and nicotine in any form. It relives symptoms of sinusitis & bronchitis. This herbal
cigarette helps to come out from the tobacco addict. Because of such holistic benefits,
demand for herbal cigarette is increasing by leaps and bounds not only in India but even in developed countries. The herbal cigarette is well recommended by Doctors, Vaidyas and various research institutes.

Packing : 10 cigarettes per packet. One carton box contains 40 display packs of 30 cigarette
packets each. That is, one carton box contains 1200 cigarette packets.

Herbal Blend Beedies : (without filter)
Herbal blend beedies are also free from TOBACCO and NICOTINE and these beedies are alternative to Tobacco products. So, these herbal beedies
are less toxic and it will not make cancer etc. These beedies cure tonsil problems and cold. Herbal beedies do not have any side effects just like tobacco beedies. These beedies will be helpful to the customers to come out from the tobacco addict. Breathing will be easier by using our herbal beedies and also it will help to curing the stomach problems like stomach warms, pains and
gastric etc.
Length of the beedie : 75mm (King size)
Packing : One small printed packet contains 20 beedies. One big printed box contains 10 small boxes. One carton contains 75 big printed boxes.
(that is, one carton contains 15000 herbal beedies)