Sell Toe Warmer

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Applicability:Boots and shoes
Character:Heat up anytime, anywhere
Ingredients:Iron, wood, activited charcoal, water, salt
Duration:Up to 5h
Drecition for use:Open package and expose pad to air(you can put the pad in your pocket for five minutes, then the pad heats up in the air) remove paper backing and stick warmer to outside bottom of socks. (thick socks provide the best results, the temperature is higher at the bottom of the arch) . If you feel the temperature lowly, you can move feet or pull off the shoes in temporary in order to let the pad in the air fully.
Cautions:Designed to work inside shoes
Non-toxic, odoriess
There is no stain when used up, no burning dangerous, do not eat the ingredients.
Never place directly against skin.
Do not use this product if you have sensitive skin, diabetes, do not use on infants. While you are sleeping or frostbited, you should not use.
Vigorous exercises during use should be reduced, otherwise, the pad will be broken.