Sell Toes warmer/foot warmer/hand warmer

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Product Name: Toewarmer-01

Info: 2 adhesive warmers in one pouch
7mm(2.75") x 9mm(3.5") , 3.5mm thickness, 25 gram
Materials: iron powder, water, salt, activated carbon and vermiculite
Average 100-110 F degree (38.8 to 43 C degree) of warmth for up to 6 hours or more
Safe, Nontoxic, Odorless, Portable, Diposible, Air-activated

1, Simply stick the warmer to the outside of your sock, under your toes.
2, If the pouch is uncomfortably hot, move the warmer immediately
3, After using, dispose of pouch with household garbage. Contents will not harm the environment.