Sell Toilet Paper Machine/Paper Converting Machine

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Roll Sanitary Paper Machine(roll toilet paper machine) (Toilet Paper Machine) /Toilet Paper Machine/Sanitary Paper Machine/Paper Converting Machine/Paper Convert Machine/Machine for Paper Convert

HX-1092/1575/2200/2600B Model Full-Automatic High Speed Rewinding & Embossing & Perforating Toilet Paper Equipment

stopped automatically when paper is broken.
3. Base paper is pneumatically fed and decoiling is provided independenlly with a tension control device.
4. The rewinding process of the product is tight first and loose afterward, with its tension adjustable.
5. The core replacement, glue spraying and paper cutting undergo automatically according to given sequence.
6. Embossing are available with patterns to be selected by clients
7. Bearing, electric components and synchronous belt are domestic famous brands.

Optional as bellow will require additional cost from the buyer:
Double embossing roller can be produced to meet customers demands, Glue applying device can be installed to produce kitchen paper. The auxiliary 1-3 color printing device can additionally be provided.

1. Production speed:130-180m/min
2. Punching line distance:100-150mm (It can be adjustable, other sizes can
be produced as per requirement)
3. Machine Power (1575 two embossment stands) : 7.6kw (380V 50HZ)
4. Equiprnent is overall size (LxWxH) :5.5x2.4x1.6m (Type of double embossing decoiler)
5. Weight of equipment: about 4T

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