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Simple is the concept of the OXO design, Which brings a maximum of comfort and hygience. It is the perfect combination of functionalism and aesthetics.
Environment-protecting, consuming 3 or 6 liters of water , One-Piece , S-trap Toilet.
The flushing Mechanism are used all come from Geberit, one of the world's leasing sanitary technology companies.
The Cover Seat has been manufactured with first-class thermosetting material, having excellent characteristics in term of resistance and life.
All ceramic products selected standard mud, colour, feldspars, quartz and water mixed togeter, then poured into plaster molds, glazed and processed firing at 1260 Celsius degree after 24 hours to make solid products and lessen water absorption, so they can avoid the formation of bad smell . We adobted Japanese 3K Glaze, the bright compact ceramic surface allows the toilet to be easily cleaned using a cloth and an ordinary liquid non-abrasive detergent; The Ceramics can keep good looking in a long run, and the drainage pipe are also glazed.
Brand Name
Available Colors
Model Number
Toilet CW8004 &26 Bidet DT9004