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Chemical name: Tolyltriazole(TTA)
CAS No. : 29385-43-1
Molecular weight: 133.1
Chemical formula: C7H7N3

Appearance: Light yellow to white granule or powder
Purity(%) : 99.5%min
Melting point: 79-86
Water content(%) : 0.1max
Ash content(%) : 0.05max
PH value: 5.3-6.3

Use: Mainly used in the metal's(silver, lead, nickel, zinc, copper) antirust and corrosion moderating, widely used in antirust oil, copper and alloy copper's moderating corrosion, water circulation treatment, grease's adding, etc. This product also can cooperate with many kinds of dirt prevention and germs killing, especially and household detergent to the corrosion moderating effect of cool water circulation system

Packing: 40kg(N. W. ) cardboard drum or 25kg kraft bag with the lining of black plastic bag or on the clients' requirements.

We can provide many kinds of packagings as per your request, also give you the professional and excellent service.
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