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LOI for Tomato Paste

We, Red Sea Development Enterprise LLC, (please find details on our company in the extended profile of Fuzing) acting With Legal and Corporate Authority And Responsibility confirm that We Are Ready, Willing And Able to enter into a Contractual Agreement with the Seller to Purchase the following Commodity, providing that the Price and the Terms and Conditions of the Contract will be acceptable to us.

I. Origin of Goods:

BULGARIA -Preferrable or
Turkey or
Iran or

CHINESE origin is not acceptable.

Any change in the country of origin after signing the contract will be rejected.

II. Quantity: (2,000  4,000) MT net
The proposed tonnage may be divided into more than one lot .

III. Price:
CIF Um Qasr port-Iraq

IV. Delivery period:

Delivery to final destination, Umm Qasr Port-Iraq is expected to commence on or about May 2005 and to continue for until on or about July/August2005.

V Specifications

a. fit for human consumption, according to international norms for tomato paste , with a valid shelf life of at least two years from the date of production, and at least 18 months from the date on which the cargo arrives at the destination port in Iraq.
b. The product should be extracted from fresh red tomato fruit which is matured, free from any seeds , skins and woody tissues.
c. Tomato paste quality - concentrate ( soluble solids dissolved in food salt per weight ) .
Middle concentration 28 %
d. The product should be slurry, free from any lumps and bubbles which indicates a good manufactured method
e. when the product is diluted by water to the concentrated point it should give 8 % solid materials soluble which gives a good natural reddish color without any artificial color, free from rotten and fermentation traces.
f. The product must be clean, free from impurity, pest or insect parts, dust and any impurities effected the product
g. food salt used must be in conformity to the Iraqi standardized specification no (110 ) and not exceed 3 % of the contents in light and middle paste and 5 % in concentrated paste and heavy concentrated paste
h. p h product must be ( 4 . 2 + 0 . 2 )
i. acidity 3 . 5 max as strict acid
j. total percentage ashes except salts 1 . 5 max
k. free from filler
l. free from artificial colored materials and keep in natural red color
m. food additives .
The following materials could be added to tomato paste with limits
-amouting acidity materials .

1. na co3 acidity {to protect ptl
2. malic acid {under specification
3. lactic acid {limits
4. tarnic acid

n. preservative materials :

The following materials could be used
1. Benzoic acid and its salts {250 mg /kg for all except heavy concentration.
2. sorbic acid {1000mg kg for heavy concentration
o. Contamination: heavy metals should not exceed the limits as follows:

elements mg / kg ( max )
sn 250
cu 30
pb 1

p. product must be fit to microbe guide limits in food no . (365) .

q. the radiation concentrated residue within the local limits ( 240  280 ) b q / kgm .

r. pesticides residu within the internatinoal standard limits .

s. shelf life at least 18 months from the date of receipt of commodity at Umm Qasr Port

VI. Testing

Commodity to be inspected by SGS at Port of Loading and is on the Sellers account. SGS shall issue an Inspection Certificate of Weight, Quality and Quantity to certify the specified product Quality, Specifications, Quantity, Weight and numbers confirming to the Specifications herein stated in this contract. The Inspection Certificate must indicate Quantity of goods (including gross/net weight) and actual specifications of goods at the Port of Loading and showing B/L number, name of carrying vessel, number of carrying vessel, loading date, sailing date and Port of Discharge.

SGS Inspection Certificate issued for the Quantity of Cargo will be based on Tally and Gross/net weight of the Cargo. SGS shall take necessary samples as per Standard procedures applicable to Tomato Paste and the Certificate of Quality should strictly in compliance with the Specifications stipulated in the contract/Performance Invoice

VII. Packaging and marking


The following specifications apply to the packing of this commodity:

a - packed in suitable , healthy cans of 1000 grams , 2000 grams , and / or 3000 grams net weight, hermetically sealed with heat treatment .

b - must not be less than 90 % from can soluble capacity .

c -can must be coated with materials which prevent any reaction between the commodity and internal can edges .

d -can must be free from internal reaction , erosion , and corrosion .

e - pressure inside can must be equal to the atmospheric pressure or slightly higher.

f - can of tomato paste concentration will be packed in wooden boxes or in a hard carton .
g - validity of metal cans is at least two years .

h- can to be marked with all required information ( trademark, production and expiry date, net weight , and origin of goods ) .


The following will be clearly marked on each tin and each carton
Iraq ministry of trade
tomato paste
gross and net weight
date of production
expiry date.
country of origin
code or full name of production enterprise
batch number
indent number

VIII. Shipment:

Shipment will be based on cost, insurance and freight (CIF) Umm Qasr Port by vessel or overland
-partial shipment is allowed
-trans shipment is allowed for goods to be imported through sea .
-the seller must advise the buyer with shipment details for the contracted goods at the time of shipment

IX. Insurance

Seller shall procure an All Risks Insurance Policy in the Buyers name at Sellers cost for no less than 110% of the shipment value of the goods.

X. Payment:

Payment will be effected by Fully Funded Irrevocable Confirmed Documentary Letter of Credit

A non-operative L/C will be issued to the Supplier. The L/C will be operative upon receiving the 2% Performance Bond issued by the Supplier Bank calculated on the Total Value of the L/C.

All Bank Charges, fees and Commissions at the Buyers Bank will be charged to the Buyers account. All Bank Charges, fee and Commissions at the Suppliers Bank will be charged to the Suppliers account.

Prior to issuing the L/C, the Buyer shall forward a draft of the L/C to the Suppliers Bank for verification in order to avoid unnecessary Bank Charges. The Documentary Letter of Credit is subject to Uniform Rules and Practice for Documentary Credit UCP 500 issued by ICC.


1. Charter Party B/L and third party documents are acceptable
2. Partial Shipments are allowed and to be coordinated with the Buyer
3. Trans shipment is allowed for goods to be imported through sea .
4. Shipping Documents to be presented to the Buyers bank within (10) days from the B/L date.
5. Quantity and amount of L/C Plus or minus five percent (5%) allowed.
6. Documents wording (PCT) or (%) or (0/0) is acceptable
7. Letter of Credit Amendments charges will be on the defaulting partys account

XI Penalty clause:

If the commodities are not shipped within the agreed period, the seller will pay to Red Sea Enterprise a penalty equal to $ 0.20 (twenty U. S. cents) per metric ton per day of delay in shipment beyond the agreed period. Such penalty will be deducted from the invoice value at the time of presentation of payment documentation.

NOTE: Once we receive your e-mail through Fuzing, we will immediately send you our official LOI and our BCL issued by the HSBC Bank of Dubai, UAE.
Minimum Order Quantity
2,000 MT
Terms of Payment
L/C Irrevocable
Terms of Sale
CIF Umm Qasr
1,000 /2,000 and /or 3,000 g