Sell Tombstone-And-Monument

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Material------------Imported Granite: Paradiso, Multi-Color Red, Impala Black, Olive Green, Himalaya Blue, Bahama Blue, Blue Pearl, etc. Chinese Granite: Absolute Black(Shanxi Black) , G603, G623, Maple Red, G635, G663, China Green, Surf White etc

Recommend----------Chinese granite are good for monument. And the price is very low.

Processing---------Polish, hand carving, sandblasting, etc.

Manufacture--------We have our own factories, so we can promise a reliable quality for our clients. We also have a good quality control in the whole manufacturing process.

Trade process------We have professional international trade sales to operate the orders. We provide the best international trade service for our clients.

We are a reliable supplier here. And we hope to build a long-term cooperate relationship with your company. Thanks.

Tony Yu