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Model: TB2001BBS-A
Overall(WxDxH) : TB2001BBS-A:31.1x17.5x22.4 in. (790x445x570mm)
TB2001BBS-B:32.3x18.1x33.1 in. (820x460x842mm)
TB2001BBS-C:14.5x18.1x29.5 in. (368x460x750mm)
Package Size: TB2001BBS-A:33x19.5x24.2 in. (840x495x615mm)
TB2001BBS-B:35.6x20x34.4 in. (905x510x875mm)
TB2001BBS-C:15.9x20x31.7 in. (405x510x805mm)
Capacity: TB2001BBS-A:9116 cublic in. (149379 cublic cm)
TB2001BBS-B:12073 cublic in. (197834 cublic cm) <
Unit Weight: TB2001BBS-A:116.7 lbs(53kg)
TB2001BBS-B:194.9 lbs(88.6 kg)
TB2001BBS-C:52.9 lbs(24kg)
Ship Weight: TB2001BBS-A:126.7 lbs(57.5 kg)
TB2001BBS-B:224.4 lbs(102kg)
TB2001BBS-C:60.4 lbs(27.4 kg)
Top Tray Area(WxDxH) : TB2001BBS-A:31x17.2x2.4 in. (788x437x61mm)
Drawer1: TB2001BBS-A:6 drawers:9.8x16.7x1.6 in. (248x423x41mm)
TB2001BBS-A:1 drawers:5.2x16.7x5.1 in. (132x423x129mm)
TB2001BBS-A:2 drawers:27x16.7x3.3 in. (688x423x85mm)
TB2001BBS-A:1 drawers:27x16.7x5.1 in. (688x423x129mm)
Drawer2: TB2001BBS-B:2 drawers:27.2x16.9x2.4 in. (690x429x60mm)
TB2001BBS-B:3 drawers:27.2x16.9x2.8 in. (690x429x70mm)
TB2001BBS-B:2 drawers:27.2x16.9x3.7 in. (690x429x95mm)
TB2001BBS-B:1 drawers:27.2x16.9x6.7 in. (690x429x171mm)
Drawer3: TB2001BBS-C:2 drawers:10.9x16.3x1.9 in. (276x413x49.5mm)
TB2001BBS-C:1 drawers:10.9x16.3x3.1 in. (276x413x78mm)
QTY 1 Package: 35pcs
QTY 20'CONTAINER: 70 pcs
overall with casters: TB2001BBS-B:32.3x18.1x38.6 in. (820x460x980 mm)
Panel Area: TB2001BBS-C:13.9x17x18 in. (354x433x458mm)