Sell Tool inspecting and presetting instrument (mechanical)

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Easson ET-300H tool presenter is intended for improving efficiency of CNC machining center, it has the advantages of being easy-operating and high precision, the whole presetting Process does not need to be done on CNC machine, so greatly reduce the stopping time.
Comparing with traditional presenter, ET-300H can improve the efficiency at least more than two times.
For common parts processing, ET-300H can increase the efficiency by at least 5%. Because the whole presetting process (for example, measurement for compensation length, diameter etc. ) is going on without the machine, no need to stop CNC machining center to tool presetting, so even if user has many CNC machining center, he only needs one ET-300H to do all workshops presetting work.
Operation of ET-300H is very simple and direct, ET-300H is equipped with a precision standard cone as its benchmark zero, the digital readout counter of ET-300H takes the standard cone as 0.000, the size difference between all measured tool and the standard cone is tool compensation data, which can be input directly in controller of CNC machining center.
Model : ET-300H Setting precision:<=4um
Conical cavity and iconicity: 7:24 Longer axis measurement travel: 0-300mm
Measurement radius:0-150mm Repeatability:10.003mm
Resolution: concentric degree: 0.004mm Outline dimension: 60*35*150
Standard cone: ISO 40/50 or BT 40/50
Brand Name
ISO9001 CE