Sell Toothbrush disinfector with bathroom hydronium air- purify machine

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Function and character: Dank bathroom is suitable for abundant bacteria to growth.
The multi-functional toothbrush disinfector which focuses on toothbrush and bathroom sterilize will make you enjoy a clean

balneary life. Toothbrush disinfector can sterilize toothrush and shaver, ensuring your oral cavity health!!!
Ultraviolet radiation lamp has deodorization, leaning function. Ultraviolet radiation, ray catalyse has strong sterilize

function. While negative hydronium active carbon can get rid of smoke, dirt, peculiar smell; the releasing of negative ydronium

offers you fresh air and cleaning environment in your bathroom!!!
Main function: Avoiding your toothbrush to be seedbed of bacteria, just give me only 30 seconds, you will not worry about

that any more.
Using special UV cold cathode ultraviolet radiation bactericidal pipe, sterilize within 30 seconds.
The disinfector aims at E. coli, Staphylococcus, especially for Salmonella. It is proved by the food research lab that has

almost 100% disinfectant efficiency. . Microcomputer control design, which makes it is easy to sterilize in four settled time

per day.
Using 360!f revolving airtight close quarters, it can sterilize any part of toothbrush ; sterilizing four toothbrushes

Hanging on the wall, which can save your room space.

Atutomatic negative hydronium air-purify function: combining catalyse active carbon absorb, decompose function and negative

hydronium release function, it will eliminate hairlike dirt , smoke, peculiar smell, and renew air energy, provide real

healthy space.
1. Negative hydronium can purify the air by counteracting positive hydronium, dust, mote in the air,
2. Negative hydronium is minuteness particle with energy, which can combine with bacteria and animalcule, eliminating them,

killing the bacteria and virus in the air.
3. Negative hydronium can eliminate the smoke!"peculiar smell and disgusting odour.
4. Negative hydronium can remove the static from the surface of apparatus and equipment.
5. Negative hydronium can enhance the activity of tomenta in human's body, eliminate the body's rubbish easier and defend

hypersusceptibility; it also can increase human's resistance and immunity, reduce the infection of disease.
6. Negative hydronium can adjust the circadian function and incretion, strengthen haematogenous function.
7. Negative hydronium can catabatic fag, keep good mood, relax your brain and improve working efficiency.
8. Negative hydronium can increase memory, make yours head screwed on the right way; it also can make progress for student's

study, release the pressure in the period of test.

Two ways for sterilizing and cleaning the bathroom, means automatic and manual ways. Negative hydronium machine will utomatic

work after been turned on, it will absorb impurity and refresh air automatically for 30 minutes every 3 hours. You can shut

and turn on it at any time by the separately control button.

Technique parameter:
1) electricity: 96V~264V, 8W
2) installation pattern: hanging
3) shape size: 280*250*80mm
4) colour: blue/white or by your choice
5) shell material: ABS
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96V~264V, 8W
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