Sell Top Quality Premium Alfalfa / timothy forage hay

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TQHP- (Top Quality Hay Processors) . TQHP is an innovative and revolutionary patented agricultural franchise that produces the finest quality hays for a variety of markets. It does this by its unique process.
TQHP is made up of a group of high energy people committed to helping Hay Farmers to increase their yields in a consistant process by utilizing their special patent pending hay drying technology.
Their process is a HUGE advancement to agriculture and haying as it is used to dry different types of hay to the most desirable conditions -- Beneficial to countless animals and markets. It produces absolute "Top Quality Hay" [consistantly and is readily avalible in a variety of quantities and forms]; the best in the world because it is the only hay of its kind that is processed like this in the whole world. The product is nutrients-filled and is of the best characteristics hay can possibly be.
TQHP believes that they can be a wonderful asset to you with their superior products & services. It really is great hay! Please contact TQHP to request price/samples & product info for your next hay shipment

Hay is nutrients-filled and superior, like no other hay when it comes to quality. Huge difference from typical hay. This hay is rich green in color and contains absolutely no mold/dust. benefits countless animals/ markets

TQHP ships by your or their truck, rail, or sea container. delivers in bulk, baled, bagged, & co-packed in your retail packages.

Try this hay and be amazed with its "Top Quality" value. It is a real change in the market for the better of quality. Brilliant and Revolutionary!