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TopDomain VGA ELF is a versatile video capture card. It supports a machine with double display monitor, the independence demonstrates the DVR system which highly improves the quality of video recording picture, so there is no need to add external equipment. With the PCI-E 1X bus interface, TopDomain VGA ELF captures the frame data from others in a Windows based PC. it supports multiple card operation in a single PC, and drivers for WindowsNT, Windows 2000, Windows2003, Windows XP. It is compliant at high data transfer rate. Using this hardware, it will be possible to capture full resolution RGB images (i. e. , XGA, SXGA, UXGA or other possible custom signals) and either save them in WM9, REAL, MPEG4 format. It can be applied in the net live, record system, remote education training and video meeting and so on.

>Single or dual channel PCI-E IX plug in card
>Capture up to 1920*1440 resolution
>Muti-Syn video mode detection
>Auto-detect the incoming signal
>High-speed PCI-E 1X bus mastering with scatter gather DMA providing up to 133 byte per second data transmission
>Support WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS 2003, WINDOWS NT drivers
>CVBS dual input driver support for streaming or broadcasting over PAL/NTSC network
>View capture RGB NAA data in various file formats inc, XGA, SXGA, UX