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Toroidal transformer
This kind of toroidal transformer is widely used in electronic equipment and other electronic equipment of higher technical requirements, such as computer, medical equipment, telecommunications and lighting and so on.

Basic Data
Capacity: 20VA-5000VA
Phase: Single
Input: AC Power with Voltages of Various Countries
Output: AC Current, Voltage, According to Customers Requirements
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Voltage Regulation: 12%-3%
Manufacture Standard: GB/T15290-94, GB/19212-2006, GB2828-2829-87
Insulation Class: B, 130 Celsius Degree; E, 120 Celsius Degree
Temperature-rise: <=85 Celsius Degree

Core: High quality cold grain silicon sheets inserted by machine, annealed by advanced vacuum annealing furnaces to improve electronic data
Bobbin: Excellent Anti-combustion
Wire Materials:
1. Copper, Aluminum, Aluminum Clad Copper.
2. The size of transformer total in Aluminum is larger than which total in Copper.
3. Aluminum instead of Copper Cost Save: 13%-35%/PCg

Advantages of toroidal transformers
smaller in size
Lower in weight
Less mechanical hum
Low exterior magnetic field
Low off load losses
Single mounting point

Operating environment
1) Temp. :The ambient temperature can not over +400.
2) Altitude: Mounting location can not exceed the altitude of 2000m
3) Relative humidity: Maximum 90%
4) The site not attack by rain and snow
5) The medium which no explosion danger, no corroding metal, no electrical breakdown

Testing Items:
No-load Test(No-load Current, No-load Voltage, No-load Loss)
Load Test (Load Voltage, Temperature-rise)
Inductive Voltage Test
DC Resistance Test
Safety Test

Features of Encapsulation:
Well encapsulated by iron shell or plastic shell to adapt various outdoor hard working environment. Anti-shock, Anti-moisture, Anti-dust, High anti-strength

Comparison on Transformer with Toroidal, EI, R, CD Shape Core
Since 1995, we have been playing a leading role to replace the types of R, CD, EI with toroidal type for our customers from each part of the world.
Core EI, R & CD Toroidal
Dimension Not Adjustable Adjustable
Performance Average Better
Reliability Average Better
Price Expensive 10%-30% Cost Saved

Horizontal (Non-conventional-type base plate) , Sunk, Side Type, Bridge

Toroidal/annular/ring transformer 3 million PCS,
EI transformer 2 million PCS annually;

About 200 workers, 5 technicians, 2 senior engineers

Over 50 sets toroidal/annular/ ring coil winding machines, 3 EI type transformer lines, 2 sets of vacuum annealing furnaces, A set of nitrogen and hydrogen production equipment.

Under no circumstances should both ends of the fixing bolt simultaneously contact the metal chassis or framework as this would create a potentially dangerous 'shorted-turn'.

The certificate of our transformer has CE CQC RoHs UL

The above-mentioned toroidal transformer is frequently-used, we can also manufacture the products by customer design. And the specification is for reference, if has the change further, please take the material object as the standard.