Sell Toroidal transformer

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Toroidal Transformer core is a high flux density grain- oriented silicon steel with a winding made of the so-called grain-oriented refers to the system for silicon steel in rolling, makes the permeability of silicon steel to the differences between landscape orientation and straight forward.

Grain-oriented refers to the maximum permeability direction to cut to be belting material, such winding core made of the optimal performance, while the ordinary cut into the EI type core does not follow the grain-oriented magnetic optimal and molding.

To compare with the traditional EI Transformer, the Toroidal Transformer has the advantages are small size, leakage magnetic is samll, high efficency, internal resistance is samll and fast raction.

As a result of grain-oriented silicon steel with a winding made of, and core flux density is high, so core area could be greatly reduced, while Toroidal Transformer using the method of winding a ring around the primary coil, you also can make full use of space, so that the coil is also greatly reduced the amount of available lines.

The ordinary transformers winding inner and outer each turn of wire length with the difference of up to 3 times, so that with a large amount of lines, in addition to the cost of a large, and the resistance is also greater.

Moreover, Toroidal Transformers wire length with inner and outer is much less than ordinary one, makes a reduction of using the amount of coil wire, so that not only saves the copper, more importantly, but also reduce the transformers resistance and improve the efficiency.

To compare the Toroidal Transformer with the same power of ordinary transformer, the volume and weight can be reduced 25-30%, while the efficiency is up to 90% or more, (ordinary transformer usually about 80% ) .