Sell Touch up Paint repair Kit

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CAR COS MEDIC Paint Chip Repair Kit  used with matching touch up paint  will remove all the excess paint around the chip damage area, leaving the surface perfectly smooth and looking like new.
Also works with touch up paint pens & Sprays. AAC PRODUCTS inc. Presents: Car Cos Medic. Paint Chip repair kit One bottle formula. . . NO SANDING NO PRIMER NO CLEAR COAT NEEDED easy 2 step process works with all touch up paint. . . . . . . . . It has daily uses also: Removes:
Tar from your Car
Magic marker
Bird Dropping
Can be used as a Cleaner & Wax buffs up to a great shine Removes small surface scratches All this without hurting the original paint on the Car Removes almost anything without hurting the original Paint on your Car Fully insured Product . . . . . trademark CAR COS MEDIC. We Have Been in the rock chip repair Business for 15 years Now we can show YOU how to be the professional and It's EASY When you buy the product all the directions and uses are on the back. . . . easy to follow 2 steps put the paint on take it off

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