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Tourmaline Ceramic Ball (for activating, purifying and mineralizing water)
[Elements]Tourmaline activated purification: Reduce molecule group of water and increase natural mineral materials through physical action, such as anion, FIR (far infrared ray) and electrolysis of water. Achieve the function of purification, mineralization and activation and make water become the activated water benefited to human body. The features can be shown as the following:
A, Generating negative ion. The negative ion is also named as vitamin of air. It can regulate the ion balance of human body. It has the function of activating cell, increasing natural cure capability and inhibiting oxidation or aging. It also removes odor.
B, Electrolyzing water. After water is electrolyzed, it can obtain various effects, such as interface active action, chloric stabilization, ferric passivation (Prevent coming into being red rust and occur red water) , water deoxidization, removing silicon dioxide and bindings (microbe aggregates) , etc. When tourmaline reacts with water, it is able to settle problems that chemical lotion and chemical substance is hard to resolve.
C, Reducing molecule group of water. Water molecule (H2O) is not existed by oneself. Its molecule would combine with each other and form molecule bundle. The molecule bundle can remove or filter impurities and enhance body infiltration.
D, Radiating FIR (far infrared ray) (414micron shape ray) . Increase the numbers of dissolved oxygen in the water. Promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism. Benefit to human body absorption. Regulate and balance PH of water to enhance resistibility.
E, Containing effective minim mineral substance. Water passed through it can separate out certain mineral substance and microelement benefited to human body, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and strontium, etc. It is easy to be absorbed by human body and is the best mineral source.
All above features of tourmaline ball doesnt singly act and can exert combined action to produce various efficacies.
Characteristic of activated water treated by tourmaline ball
Application: For various types of water purifier, drinking water dispenser, water supply system and equipments, water tank, aquaculture, etc.
Types: Energy Ceramic Ball, Antibacterial Ceramic Ball, Negative Ion Ceramic Ball, Far Infrared Ceramic Ball, Mineral Ceramic Ball, Negative Potential Ceramic Ball(reducing ORP of the water)
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white/light brown/offwhite
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[Diameters] 4-5mm, 6-8mm
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