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The waistband is put into "far infrared mother grain"crustificated with special Lamination cloth which can radiate electromagnetism2-18micronmter(Patent Number:ZL200610065917.5) It uses the HOS to increase the effection. It can has effection of sick part, and then make temperature of the tissue go up which speed up blood circulation. It is effective for muscle and parenchyma.

Can be used to:
1. Waist, Neck, Shoulder, Knee joint, Anklebone
Fix the waistband to these places and use the electric heating to activate the far-infrared mother granule. And then it will work.
2. Back and Thigh
For the ill in back and thigh, the far-infrared mother granule can improve the blood circulation and it will be recovery.
3. Bosom.
To adjust the breath system, the far-infrared mother granule can improve blood circulation and lick up the ability of leucocyte(it will be better to use it with waterPH7.3-7.5) .
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