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The tourmaline healthy eyeshade is produced by Qingdao Metallic Technology and awarded the state patent. It is added into tourmaline special ceramic material and it can speed up blood circulation of eye and getting relief of eye to make your eye bright.

1. The black flannel outside of eyeshade can shelter from the light.
2. Pure silk inside lining is soft and comfortable
3. The special tourmaline ceramic material can adjust the temperature around eye. It also can radiate far-infrared of 2-18 micrometer which can speed up blood circulation of eye, relieve fatigue and illness, and recover health for eyes.
4. It has auxiliary treatment for this illness:Cataract, glaucoma, burst into tears against the wind, painfully swollen, eye arid, ect.
5. It is pure physical way wihout any side effects.
6. If you wear our mask for a long time, it can protect the Neuron of eye , provent Presbyopia, and delay the cornea ageing.
7. It is safe and comfortable to wear, suitable for wearing in flight, officeroom and having a rest in daytime.

If you have any Symptom just like this, please wear our mask:

Nearsightedness; weak trend; swiveleye; presbyopia; ; cataract; glaucoma; astigmatism; the vitreous body pollution; the moth sickness; looked that the thing fuzzy; fears the light; Because the long-term surfer or looked the television creates the eyesight fail; easy to burst into tears; the eye be dry and bulge concern; the twitching of the eyelid to continue; to have the gum in the eyes ect.
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