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The mattress is a health protection product and awarded the state patent( ZL 200820001055.4 and ZL 200610065917.5) . This mattress is made of a special porcelain transforming electromagnetism 2-18 micronmeter after absorbing heat energy(the rate can be up to 0.98) absorbed by humanbody easily which was absorbed by body easily to lead the bodys water runing so as to boost metabolism nd emit the heat by style of light. Meanwhile the cloth with mesh in the cushion contains large quantity of negtive ion which is very effective for air circulation to make boday comfortable.

1. The radiation spends the summer, adjustment body temperature.
2. Improve and strengthen the immunity, and the ability to stand against the illness.
3. Negative ion hydroxyl can clear up the free amino-, and be good for anti- caducity.
4. Balance the bodys acidity and alkalescence, defecate acidity and keep feigned-health away.
5. Absorbing heat energy and sending out heat in form of light, in summer very cool
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