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The quilt is a new type of health care quit, which made from a special tourmaline porcelain. Tourmaline special ceramic can absorb heat energy from body(electromagnetic radiation of 2-18microwave that the naked eyes dont look at ) and send out heat by the style of light rapidly in order to reduce body temperature. Special tourmaline ceramic can produce massive negative ion and it has great effection of Hypnosis, Analgesia, stoping coughs and itches, diuresis and lowing the blood pressure etc. The product also was awarded the state patent (ZL 200720155463.0) and popular in market.

1. Dispel smoke, clear up dust:negative ion can easily counteract the positive ion of smoke in the air.
2. Ameliorate the structure of air:we need 13000 million negative ion every day, but the office or amusement place can only supply 200-2000 million, so it is easy to result in pneumonia, tracheitis and breath disease.
3. Ameliorate lung:after breathing negative ion for 30 minutes, the lung can increase 20% oxygen and vent another more 14.5% CO2.
4. Ameliorate heat function:low blood pressure.
5. Ameliorate metabolism and improve sleeping.
6. Improve ability of resisting disease.
7. Negative ion is effective to irritability hay fever, bronchia asthma, and other disease.
8. Sterilization and bactericial
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