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The quilt was awarded the State Pantent Technology(ZL200720155463.0) . It is made from special porcelain granule which can transform electromagnetism2-18microwave after absorbing heat energy and then body water can run up to boost metabolism. It has double function of keeping worm than average quilt. It will be better to use it together with tourmaline mattress.

It makes full use of the high radiation rate of far-infrared of our tourmaline special ceramic material. Also it is added some Nanometer silver ion. So it has the strong ability of killing bacterial, dispelling unusual smell and producing mang negative ion.

1. The quilt contains three layers: fabric layer; metal reflect layer; cotton layer with our tourmaline special ceramic layer. The cotton layer with tourmaline powder can absorb the heat from humanbody and then ttransform into 2-18 electromagnetism. Some of them are absorbed by huamanbody as to make the water in humanbody move quickly with high speed, in order to improve the blood circulation and produce many heat. Some of them are reflected by metal layer and also absorbed by huamanbody. So the warm effection is two times than the common quilt. Also it can improve the bllod circulation, desple the usual smell, kill baterial, and produce the halthcare effection.
2. If you use our mattress together with our quilt, it will become the whole negative ion layer, the healthcare effection will be better.
3. It is better using our quilt close to your humanbody.
4. Put it in the sun, and this will add energy to it.
5. In the daytime, it is better to make the quilt smooth on the bed and this clean the air of the room.


1. Dispel smoke, clear up dust:negative ion can easily counteract the positive ion of smoke in the air.
2. Ameliorate the structure of air:we need 13000 million negative ion every day, but the office or amusement place can only supply 200-2000 million, so it is easy to result in pneumonia, tracheitis and breath disease.
3. Ameliorate lung:after breathing negative ion for 30 minutes, the lung can increase 20% oxygen and vent another more 14.5% CO2.
4. Ameliorate heat function:low blood pressure.
5. Ameliorate metabolism and improve sleeping.
6. Improve ability of resisting disease.
7. Negative ion is effective to irritability hay fever, bronchia asthma, and other disease.
8. Sterilization and bactericial
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