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The mattress is a up-to-date healthy protection and therapy product produced by Qingdao Metallic Technology Co. , Ltd, which was awarded the state patent technology(ZL200820001055.4) and the Patent No. ZL02100053.0. This mattress is made of a special porcelain transforming electromagnetism 2-18 micronmeter after absorbing heat energy(the rate can be up to 0.98) absorbed to lead the bodys water runing so as to warm body. This mattress also contains a metal reflecting level for the quanta striking with each other so as to absorb energy easily by humanbody, improve PH(approching to alkalescence) , ameliorate blood vessel fattiness metabolism and reduce cholesterin.

(1) It use three-dimensional mesh structure to set our tourmaline special ceramic granularity(∮6mm) with hands. This way has award the State Patent(ZL 200620012713.0) .

Using Stearin cotton and kapok with high quality to be the base of the mattress for warm, it feel more comfortable and save energy.
We design heat conduction level of metal ao as to transform heat more quickly and even.

(2) The double mattress use the way of  double temperature with double control. This meet the request of different temperation with two persons.

The functions:
1. Prompting metabolism, activating cells and balancing internal secretion
2. Clearing up inflammation and dispeling tumefaction and pain
3. Adjusting blood pressure in two sides, especially reducing blood pressure to low level, lightening the burden of the heart
4. Ameliorating and strenghthening immunity and improving the ability of fighting illness
5. Negative ion hydroxyl can clear up the free amino-, and be good for anti-caducity
6. Balancing the acidity and alkalescence, defecating acidity and keeping feigned-health away
7. Reduce decubitus.
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110 or 240 volts
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Patent # 200820001055.4
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