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Super Hydrophile Self-cleaning Spray Agent
(For various outside facades, such as metope, tiles surface, high building surface and highway guardrail, etc. )
Main Ingredients:
Nanometer titanium dioxide, nanometer zinc oxide, and macromolecule inorganic binder, etc
Transparent light yellow liquid
1. Easy to adhere to various base materials, such as outside metope, tiles surface, high building surface and highway guardrail, etc.
2. Not influence base color of the base materials, high adhesive force and washable, at the same time with stronger self-cleaning and anti oil stain.
3. Odorless, no influence if inhale and no need of special treatment if swallow. No serious harm and no obvious irritation.
Instruction For Use:
1. Before constructing, clean the coated surface and cover object that is not suitable for spray and coat.
2. Please select spray gun with high fog effect to carry out construction. Distance between spray gun and the surface of coated object is about 40cm.
3. Dryness time of this product is about 10minutes, and completely solidified time is 24hours. Do not wipe with force before being fully dry.
For home, public and vehicle, etc. to spray or coat on the surface of base materials, such as wall, ceramics and glass, etc.
Types: photocatalyst sol type and nano silver type
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No need of electricity
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