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This scented soap is made from our tourmaline special ceramic material which is sintered with science way. Our tourmaline special ceramic material has high radiation rate up to 0.98 and can radiate 2-18mircrowave. After you use our soap for a long time, it can improve and prevent whelk effectively, promot pore absorption, activate tissue cell and purificate blood. Also it can form protector on the skin so as to suppresse pathogen invasions and have the good protective function to the allergy and the slight inflammation. Your skin will be more exquisite smoothly.

The main functions:
1. The tourmaline special ceramic material has strong sterilization bacteriostasis effect.
2. The clean effect is remarkable. It can eliminate toxin in skin and deleterious substance in the cosmetics effectively.
3. Cosmetology effect. It can dispell dirt, eliminate the pigmentation, and whiten. It have good effect for hand crack, man insect, freckle.
4. Healthcare effection. When you wash hair with our soap, It will alleviate the leather meal formation and reduce losing hair and skin inflammation.

Using Method:
It has the same using method with common soap. It is easy to use , carries and store up.
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