Sell Towels

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We are Indian leading exporters and manufacturers of Towels. Our brand name Univerzal Import & Export has acquired a very prestigious position in the Indian and International market.

The sole purpose of our firm is to provide our valued customers with the best of our products with prompt service and assured quality.

Our products are of very good quality.

Our ongoing sizes in the production of towels is as follows

Bath Towels: 22"x44", 24"x48", 25"x50", 26"x52", 27"x54", 28"x58", 30"x60", 40"x70"

Hand Towels/Kitchen Towels: 15"x25", 15"x26", 15"x27", 16"x26", 16"x27", 16"x28", 17"x25", 18"x26", 18"x28", 20"x35", 20"x40"

Wash Cloths: 12"x12", 12.5"x12.5", 13"x13".