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KVNIG Self-Erecting Mobile Tower Cranes offer significant advantages for Hoisting and Material handling on construction sites and other projects for Shifting-Lifting-Shifting  when compared to conventional Hoists, Car-cranes, Forklifts, Tower Cranes which are in current use today.
It has the advantages of a conventional Tower Crane at a fraction of the cost.

KVNIG Self-Erecting Mobile Tower Cranes are much faster than Hoists/Lifts, mobile Car-cranes, and much more efficient & productive on limited access sites than a forklift. They can be used in any situation to replace Hoists, mobile Car-cranes, Tower Cranes to Save Construction Costs. They can be rail mounted to travel around larger job sites to help eliminate on-site cranes.

A conventional Tower Crane is an extremely expensive machine to erect, operate and dismantle. The KVNIG Self erecting Tower Cranes are therefore far less expensive to erect and dismantle. Two / Three men in LESS than 1 day can erect a KVNIG Self-Erecting Tower Crane. The erection or dismantling is even possible without the aid of a mobile Car-crane when the KVNIG Crane has its self-ballasting mechanism.

The concrete base for a conventional Tower Crane adds to the already high operating cost. Obviously these costs make the use of conventional Tower Cranes prohibitively expensive for all but large construction projects. The KVNIG Self-Erecting Tower Crane stands on four folding outriggers that rest on the ground, so no need for a concrete base.

KVNIG Self-Erecting Tower Cranes run either on a generator or electrical power supply. An additional benefit to KVNIG Self-Erecting Tower Cranes is, they are Radio remote controlled. Rather then having a crane operator and rigger separately, these jobs can be combined. The operator doubles as the rigger thus eliminating a second person.

Any person who has experience running light or medium sized equipment can be trained for the operation of KVNIG Self-Erecting Tower Cranes.

The advantages of our KVNIG Self-Erecting Tower Cranes over typical Tower Cranes and Hoists for small to medium-large size construction jobs are obvious.

KVNIG Self-Erecting Mobile Tower Cranes are available in varied jib lengths from 20 to 45 meters, hook heights ranging from 12 to over 50 meters, load lifting capacities of 650 to 5,000 kgs, high versatility, unsurpassed adaptability as well as ultra-modern erection kinematics. Towers and jib sections have high structural strengths. Erecting is simple and fast with entire operation performed from ground level. Useful in congested construction sites. The Self-erecting Mobile Tower Cranes are bottom slewing and available in the Hydraulic folding and Telescopic series.
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