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The tower crane has ingenious design, beautiful shape and simple structure. The structure is rational for the main functioning parts, such as the tower body and the jib, are made up of square seamless steel tubes with roper hardness and little wind resistance.

It is easy to operate and maintain, and is safe and at a reasonable price. It is an ideal construction machines for construction enterprise. It has complete and sensitive protection devices such as hoisting weight limiter, hoisting moment limiter, hoisting height limiter, radius limiter and swing limiter to ensure of regular operation. It also has rest platform, guardrail and other protection devices. It has to be heavy to get up weight. It has fast hoist way speed and wide transfer speed range. Hoists with upper slewing structure and can be assembled and disassembled quickly and conveniently. It has high advantage of working efficiency. It is highly sensitive, easy to maintain and able to effectively avoid accidents. It has helmet structure with double suspending points, adopts trolley and hydraulic system, hoists with upper slewing, and can be installed quickly and conveniently.
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