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Fiesta Balloons Pvt Ltd an exclusive company formed for marketing of original latex balloons round the world. Made of 100% natural latex, Fiesta balloons process greater opacity for enhanced colour saturation and impact all colours are formulated to coordinate easily into a multitude of striking colour combinations. Our company can provide a variety of shapes and sizes of latex balloons .
Fiesta balloons also provide personalized service, pay strict attention to the detailed and use only the highest quality of products and materials. Fiesta Balloons Pvt Ltd is backed by Kendek group, Malaysia who has their interest in balloons manufacturing they have a balloon factory at Malaysia
Fiesta Balloons Pvt Ltd is committed towards:
Fiesta Balloons Pvt Ltd is totally focused on marketing the balloons round the world. It will make it a point that it delivers new and improved products time to time. Fiesta balloons are highly hygienic and eco friendly products when compared to the mediocre balloons available in the market today. Owing to the same, they fill out evenly and retain air for much longer period. As they are properly acid leached they wont leave a bad taste in the mouth while blowing. More over fiesta balloons are competitively priced so that it is within the reach of the commoner who is in the mood to celebrate. These above points will be a part of the business communications. and will be used to educate the customers about our products.
Innovation of products and services from time to time will be our key component in acquiring new markets. Therefore we will be coming out with innovative products like
 Social Expressions Balloons
 Wonderful message carrying Balloons
 Metallic colour balloons
 Gift packs for special occasions
 Balloon packs for the cooperates
 Exclusive Balloon Franchises
Fiesta Balloons Pvt Ltd strengths

Good Strength and hygienic standard
Uniformity in Colour
Uniformity in Thickness
Glossiness and Clarity
Use only high quality raw materials.
Eco Friendliness
Made from high quality natural latex
Use only food grade colours
State Of Art Malaysian technology
Easiness in inflation
Better Air Retaining capacity
Innovations in product pack and features
Innovating balloons of various size and shape as the key component of our marketing mix
Product size ranging from 5 to 14

High-quality service and customer satisfaction. Everything the company sells is guaranteed; therefore, the products have to do what the customers want, and do it well. Long-term customer satisfaction is critical to the survival of the company . our group has experience in making high quality balloons, to suite global demand.
Fiesta Balloons Pvt Ltd undertakes services like printing of the company logos and their information on the balloons for promotions. We also provide customized packs for the corporates and big shopping malls. i. e. Making products and packs which are convenient to our esteemed customers.
The company has specialized in all areas relating to latex products. Our services begin from industry consultancy to manufaturing and software implementation . we also facilitate in the import of machineries and technology.
Media costs are high. fixed agency commissions are on their way out and clients are asking for moon the only way of advertising agencies and companies can survive and prosper in this scenario is by reinventing themselves . some of them are beginning to do that and they are the one who Use Fiesta Balloons for promotions. In an over communicated society companies need new ways of communicating only innovative concepts will improve the target audiences opportunity to see so printing or giving Fiesta Balloons as a gift will make a difference. If you are creating the type of curiosity amongst the buyer Fiesta Premium Balloons can be used because of its quality and durability the consumer will be able to identify the products with the colours or balloons in their mind.
The key question today is how will different modes of communication becoming more rounded with new media coming in point of purchase is the new trend emerging in marketing POP advertising enhances the shopping experience. It is used by retailers to overhaul stores image redirect store traffic and help organize product through a shelf management system. For this the companies can print their products logo or their brand logo on the fiesta premium balloons so that they can distribute to the customers when they go for purchase.

Fiesta Balloons can be used on different occasions such as
1. Gift to your employees
2. For your product launch
3. Gift to your customers
4. Gift to your sales channel for promotions


1. Gift to their customers
2. Organizing birthday and marriage parties
3. For other promotional activities


Big Retail chain outlets and supermarkets can sell our high quality Fiesta balloons in all their outlets across the globe with printed and non printed balloons


Event management companies can use high quality Fiesta Balloons for organizing different events and cultural activities


Fashion Stores can use Fiesta Premium balloons for:

1. For decorations
2. For their customers as gifts
3. For other promotional activities


Showrooms like Automobiles, Mopeds, and Textiles etc can use Fiesta Premium Balloons for

1. Decorations
2. Gift to their customers
3. Promotional activities.


Multiplexes which has chain of cinema theatres in many cities can use Fiesta balloons for

1. Decorations
2. Publicity for their cinema theatres
3. Film release
When one has created or executed an effective promotional mix the company will benefit in three different ways
One: The target will remember the experience and talks about it even after the programme ends this implies that there is high brand recall value from the event that the customer participates.
Second: The target understands the brands place in his /
her life
Third: The company remains in touch with the target in a relevant way.
The high quality bright coloured balloons add life to a Brand Name /Logo when the same is printed on Fiesta balloons. Their bright quality balloons transmits the message of quality of the Brand with experience for high recall and better perception
Fiesta Balloons are made of 100% natural latex. These balloons are in reasonably price and are of high quality performance colours, created to compliment Customer choice. The shapes available are indicated by alphabets (item) and sizes in inches are indicated by numeric value.
Item Description of Shape Inches 1 SR Standard Colours (Round) 5 7 8'' 10''12 13 2 DR Decorator Colours (Round) 7 9 10 12 13 3 CR Crystal Colours (Round) 7 9 l0 12 13 4 MR Metallic Colours (Round) 9 10 12 13 5 HS Heart-Shape (Novelty) 8 12 6 A Airship (Novelty) 8 9 7 B Flat - Shape (Round) 5 8'' 12" 8 OL Olive - Shape (Oval) 9
7 Standard Colours Range Assortment of colours : Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Black. 7 Decorator Colours Range Assortment of Colours Pink, Peach, Lavender, Ivory, Light Blue, Turquoise, Furchsia, Magenta, Apple Green. 7 Crystal Colours Range Crystal colours are more transparent and richly coloured. Assortment includes: Ruby Red, Blueberry, Citrine Yellow, Clear, Burgundy, Orange, Fuschia, Amethyst Violet, Emerald Green, Royal Blue. 7 Metallic Colours Range Metallic colours have a shimmering finish and smaller than standard colours or crystal colours. Assortment includes : Ruby Red, Blueberry, Citrine Yellow, Clear, Burgundy, Orange, Fuschia, Amethyst Voilet, Emerald Green, Royal Blue. 7 Custom - Made Colours Made to order according to customers requirements based on minimum quality of 500,000 pcs and above.
Bulk pack Balloons (Standard Colours) Item Description of Shape Polybag Pcs/Ctn SR Std Round 5 1,000 pcs 8,000 Pcs SR Std Round 7 1,000 pcs 8,000 Pcs SR Std Round 9 1,000 pcs 6,000 Pcs SR Std Round 10 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs SR Std Round 12 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs SR Std Round 13 1,000 pcs 4,000 Pcs
Bulk pack Balloons (Decorator Colours) Item Description of Shape Polybag Pcs/Ctn DR Decorator Round 9 1,000 pcs 6,000 Pcs DR Decorator Round 10 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs DR Decorator Round 12 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs DR Decorator Round 13 1,000 pcs 4,000 Pcs
Bulk pack Balloons (Crystal Colours) Order Item Description of Shape Polybag Pcs/Ctn CR Crystal Round 9 1,000 pcs 6,000 Pcs CR Crystal Round 10 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs CR Crystal Round 12 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs CR Crystal Round 13 1,000 pcs 4,000 Pcs
Bulk pack Balloons (Metalic Colours) Item Description of Shape Polybag Pcs/Ctn MR Metalic Round 9 1,000 pcs 6,000 Pcs MR Metalic Round 10 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs MR Metalic Round 12 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs MR Metalic Round 13 1,000 pcs 4,000 Pcs MHS Heart Shape 12 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs
Bulk pack Balloons (Novelty) Standard Colours Item Description of Shape Polybag Pcs/Ctn A Airship 8 1,000 pcs 6,000 Pcs AL Airship 9 1,000 pcs 8,000 Pcs B Flat Round 5 1,000 pcs 8,000 Pcs B Flat Round 8 1,000 pcs 6,000 Pcs B Flat Round 12 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs OL Oval Round 9 1,000 pcs 6,000 Pcs HS Heart Shape 8 1,000 pcs 8,000 Pcs HS Heart Shape 12 1,000 pcs 5,000 Pcs
Standard Carton Dimension:- Ht (330 mm) x W (275 mm) x L (505 mm) Shipment Terms:- Ex Works Delivery Time:-Subject to stock availability Minimum Shipment:- 7 50 ctns Nett Price (LCL) 7 Note : Taxes to be applied where applicable.
Production Time:- Between 4-5 weeks upon receipt of Proforma Invoice Payment Terms:- Irrevocable L/Credit / TT before delivery Printing Services Available:- Offset Imprint:- 1 Slide / 1 colour Silkscreen Imprint:- I Side / 1 colour 1 slice / 2 colour 2 Side / I colour Prices :- Quotations given based on quantity.100% down payment before printing of balloons. Artworks /Design/ Logo : To be supplied by customer. Packaging Services:- Retail Packs, Headercard Packs / Printed Polybags Packs, Any Assortment Packs, Custom made to customers requirement.
Brand Name
Fiesta Premium Quality Balloons
Minimum Order Quantity
20 FT Container
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB India ,FOB Malaysia