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Toys are one of the world's most stringently regulated products. Children may be seriously injured while playing. Therefore, parents have to be assured their children's products and toys are safe for use. HQTS has been actively involved in the promotion and launching of the international safety developments in both China and the West for many years. We understand toy safety, toy production and how to control both. We will provide you with the knowledge you need regarding regulatory compliance, practical solutions to problems and the facts which will allow you to make the best decision to protect your consumer and your company.

Our safety testing corresponds with the international and regional toy safety standards such as CPSC, ASTM, FDA, EN-7, ISO, GB and etc.

Our testing for toys includes:
-Mechanical & Physical Properties
-Flammability Safety
-Toxic Element & Material Analysis
-Electric Toy Safety

Other HQTS value-added services:
-Sample pick-up
-Training and Consultation on toy safety issues